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You ever get tired of all the negative energy? I know I do. And somedays I just want someone to replace the bad mojo with some good vibes. New energy. No more avatars. Bring back the real people. Bring back people who want to see THE CULTURE thrive. Bring back people who want to see THE CULTURE win. Two things I want this show to accomplish: Be used as a digital vehicle to protect the babies and raise up a new generation of thinkers and doers in this crazy place we call society. Analyze This is more than a brand; more than a lifestyle. Analyze This is a movement. We are taking “THE CULTURE” back to where it all started: the community. Visualize a show that makes you want to get to know your neighbor and in unity, build a better tomorrow together. That’s the type of energy we create. That’s the type of vibe we bring. That’s the type of show we will deliver. Join us on this collective journey to make THE CULTURE better one show at a time.
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Latest Episodes…

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  2. Episode 6: Energy

    Host EA is bringing the heat again. This time he's advocating for bringing the community back to the people. Everything is about energy. Drop us a line. Support the cause. Join the movement. Be apart of the change. ...


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  5. Episode 1: Interview w/ Dr. Keenan Davis

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