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You ever get tired of all the negative energy? I know I do. And somedays I just want someone to replace the bad mojo with some good vibes. New energy. No more avatars. Bring back the real people. Bring back people who want to see THE CULTURE thrive. Bring back people who want to see THE CULTURE win. Two things I want this show to accomplish: Be used as a digital vehicle to protect the babies and raise up a new generation of thinkers and doers in this crazy place we call society. Analyze This is more than a brand; more than a lifestyle. Analyze This is a movement. We are taking “THE CULTURE” back to where it all started: the community. Visualize a show that makes you want to get to know your neighbor and in unity, build a better tomorrow together. That’s the type of energy we create. That’s the type of vibe we bring. That’s the type of show we will deliver. Join us on this collective journey to make THE CULTURE better one show at a time.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7: Roll Call

    What is THERAPY? Let's take a deep dive into the definition of Therapy, and what it means to all of us. And at some point, we want to bring all aspects of our culture - finance, nutrition, education, healthcare, arts, and sports - under one umbrella of conversation to ensure ...


  2. Season 1, Episode 11: Male Grooming

    A roundtable discussion on the importance of male hygiene and grooming with industry leaders, experts, and host EA. Hear from men of different backgrounds express their reasoning for taking care of themselves "from head to toe". Log on to for more original content from Analyze This. ...


  3. Episode 9: The Prayer

    Host EA completes his much anticipated Season 1 with The Prayer. Plot twist: You will be eagerly looking forward to Season 2 after the cliffhanger on this episode. Tune in. Don't miss out. ...


  4. Episode 8: Battle on Depression

    Host EA recently finished his degree in mental health counseling. He shares both a theoritical and practical approach to battling depression. Open and honest dialogue on where we are as a culture. ...


  5. Episode 7: 40 is The New 40

    Host EA explains the basic tenets to defy age and make the most of what you have in your current situation. Entertaining. Educational. Empowering. ...